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10 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Whether you want to earn some extra money, need more time with your kids or family, or simply prefer working from the comforts of your home, part time jobs are the best answer for you. Listed below are some popular part time jobs that you can do from home:

1. Data Entry Job

Data entry jobs are highly popular for two reasons – first they do not require any specific expertise or qualification, and secondly they pay well. As a part of this job, you will need to upgrade database information, list out contact details, write letters or memos in a specific format etc. Most work is allocated via email, but you have to be quick and accurate while performing data entry tasks. A word of advice. Make sure you stay away from the data entry scams that require you to pay them upfront money.
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2. Tutoring/teaching 


Several agencies provide opportunities for part-time teaching. If you are academically inclined, and you would like to become a tutor, you can get in touch with such agencies and they will send students/clients who need tuitions, to you.

You can set your own time and teach as many students as you like. Not only is this a good part time option to earn money, buy the skills you learn as a tutor can be used to apply for full time teaching jobs in future.
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3. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is an excellent option for earning an extra income, while working for only a few hours each week. All you need is a website that can be used to promote your client’s products. As an affiliate marketer or advertiser, you will need to market your clients’ products through your website. You will be paid a commission for every successful sign-up or sale, that happens through your site.
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4. Writer

If you have a good command over English or any other language, and can express yourself creatively, then consider becoming a freelance writer. From website content to press releases to books, the demand for good writers is increasing.

Many freelance writers have made a fortune with just part time writing jobs that allow them to work on the subjects they like, at their own convenient time. Just log on to the various freelancing sites and take up writing projects that suit your interest, and get paid for every successful project.
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5. Child Care Worker


Do you like working with kids? If yes, then you can turn this into a part time job option, by taking care of children for a few hours while their parents are away at work. Childcare workers or baby sitters can earn hundreds of dollars per day – all you need is the skill to handle children and lots of patience.

You can start by offering to baby sit your neighbor’s kids and slowly increase your customer base, depending upon your comfort level. You can also start a professional child day care centre, if your clientele increases and you have more time at your disposal.
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6. Art & Craft 


Can you paint well? Or, Do you have the creativity to turn ordinary stuff into alluring and beautiful pieces of art? You can earn up to thousands of dollars for your creativity by making decorative items, paintings etc and putting them for sale. Just work with the things already there in your house, and slowly expand your business.

There are many famous painters and artists, who sell their creations through auctions or exhibitions. This is an excellent work-from-home option that gives you an opportunity to make use of your skills, while also getting paid for it.
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7. Telecommunication 


As the name suggests, such jobs require you to answer calls from customers/clients who need information regarding different products and services. You will need to relay the right information to these customers and fix an appointment for them or direct them to the relevant department.

Often doctor’s offices, software companies, apartment builders etc, provide such part time job opportunities where you will need to take calls after the normal working hours. All you need is a telephone connection and good conversation skills.
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8. Interior Designer


A career in interior designing involves creating interiors that are aesthetically appealing and sophisticated. One has to be creative and artistic, keeping in mind the taste of the customers. 

While interior decoration jobs pay very well, you will need to be highly disciplined and aesthetically inclined. Interior designing can be started as a home-based job depending upon your convenience, schedule and flexibility.
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9. Online Survey Jobs


While not exactly a job, taking up online surveys is a good way of making some extra money working from home. There are wide varieties of websites/companies that provide paid surveys, which you can take up and get paid. All you need to do is sign up with such survey companies, fill in your profile and provide a legitimate email address (for surveys to be send).

You can take up as many surveys as you like in a day, and earn money for your opinion. Most of these surveys are general and do not require any specific skills or technical knowledge. While this is great way to generate online revenue, you will need to be very careful as a lot of online survey jobs can be a scam. Thread cautiously.
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10. Medical Coding/Billing


With the sudden boom in healthcare, the need for healthcare professionals as well as medical billers/coders is also growing. Medical Coding involves assigning codes to the diagnosis and medical procedures, which help in financial reimbursement from insurance companies.

By completing a certification in medical coding, you can easily take up part time medical coding jobs and can work from the comforts of your home. As a medical coder, you will have to convert the physician’s notes into codes that can be utilized by theinsurance providers for compensating the insured party.
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Part time Jobs are everywhere around us – from healthcare to finance to writing, there is no dearth of work-from-home job opportunities that are extremely flexible and pay well. While part time jobs allow you to choose your own timings, it is important to maintain as much discipline and commitment, as you would for a full-time office job. Smart time management and prioritizing tasks is the key to success when working on a part-time basis.

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