Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011

Duduk serumah dengan Pak Belang

Florida teen Felicia Frisco has an unusual night-time routine. Each night she climbs into her full-sized bed with a six-month-old Bengal tiger called Will.

Felicia has been sharing her full-sized bed, which has a leopard print duvet, with Will since the day he was born and she plans for them to remain bedfellows until he's a year old.

'I get a lot of hair up my nose and all over my sheets,' said the Tampa teen, who has been caring for Will since his birth.

Felicia Frisco, 17, has been sharing a bed with tiger cub Will since the day the Bengal was born

Felicia, who is homeschooled, has fed, walked and cared for the cub since he was born as his mother, a first-time mum, didn't know what to do 

Will now eats chicken and beef in addition to his bottles. Felicia's parents run Tampa's Tiger Enounter so the teen has been around exotic animals her whole life 

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